Public Drinking Water

Compliance Monitoring for Public Drinking Water Systems

We Test Your Public Drinking Water

Meeting the needs of public drinking water systems by offering sampling and analytical services 365 days/year.

  • Automated MCL Exceedance Reporting for all PWSIDs
  • Automated PA DEP Drinking Water Reporting into DEP GreenPort/DWELR
  • Revised Total Coliform Rule Siting Plan Compliance
  • Check Sample Collection Services for Non-Compliant Samples
  • New Source Testing Requirements
  • VOCs/SOCs/IOCs
  • TTHMs/HAA5s
  • Lead in Public School Monitoring Programs
  • LT2 Monitoring for Cryptosporidium, E. coli, and Turbidity

Why Choose M.J. Reider?

  • We offer full service sampling with a fleet of field vehicles and comprehensive quality-assured equipment.
  • Pre-labeled bottle sets and paperwork are provided for self-sampling.
  • RUSH Turnaround Time can be offered when quick results are needed.
  • Watch your samples move through our system with real-time tracking available through our online client portal, which includes online access to historical data and documents.
  • Custom Reporting – custom data exports, QC reports, data packages and multiple sampling event data compilations are available.
  • Automated email of final reports and invoices can be sent to as many contacts as you’d like.

Need help with your testing?

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