Ground Water & Surface Water

Monitoring Well & Surface Water Quality Compliance Sampling & Analysis

We Collect & Analyze Ground Water & Surface Water

Our field services include properly purging monitoring wells using our own equipment, or where applicable, dedicated pumps. We fully document all field parameters showing volumes purged, static and final water levels, and well stability. Our field department is fully stocked with the necessary equipment to purge and sample all monitoring wells that do not have dedicated pumps. In addition, our laboratory has many years of experience analyzing ground water and surface water samples for DEP regulated industry and landfill water quality programs.

  • Monitoring Wells
  • Leachate Tanks
  • Surface Water
  • Retention Basins
  • Form 52 Municipal Waste Landfill Private Water Supply
  • Form 14r Water Quality Monitoring
  • Form 19 Water Quality Monitoring
  • Form 50 Leachate Analyses

Why Choose M.J. Reider?

  • We offer full service sampling with a fleet of field vehicles and comprehensive quality-assured equipment.
  • Pre-labeled bottle sets and paperwork are provided for self-sampling.
  • RUSH Turnaround Time can be offered when quick results are needed.
  • Watch your samples move through our system with real-time tracking available through our online client portal, which includes online access to historical data and documents.
  • Custom Reporting – custom data exports, QC reports, data packages and multiple sampling event data compilations are available.
  • Automated email of final reports and invoices can be sent to as many contacts as you’d like.

Need help with your testing?

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